The Many Uses of Storage Containers

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Our A-Verdi Storage Containers are not made for one single use. They are a flexible, convenient, and affordable space that fills a wide variety of storage needs. Used by almost every industry you can think of, our containers are sturdy and hold up to the worst conditions. We offer a line of ground level office containers, which have the same standards of quality and durability you have come to expect from their storage counterparts, while also providing a comfortable working environment. As we continue our quest to bring storage to all of Upstate New York, we find many different uses and applications for our humble metal boxes and we would like to share some with you.


Container Uses 1 and Feature

Contractors across all of New York State use A-Verdi Storage Containers on construction sites for a safe, secure space to lock up tools and supplies. Our containers are a real advantage on any jobsite, giving you ample storage space for all your needs. Providing both a space to work and a space to store, our office combo containers have brought a new level of organization to local construction sites. We have been proud to serve our local community of contractors for over 30 years by providing them with superior service and quality containers.

By understanding the needs of our local customers we have come up with a few different options and accessories that are aimed at making your job easier. We offer stacking pins for when space is tight but you still need storage. We have also designed a steel lockbox that protects your padlock and adds an extra level of security to your unit. We offer high cube units that are large enough to store construction equipment like forklifts and quad door units for when you have a packed container but still need to get to your stuff.

Our speedy delivery and pickup times have been vital in creating relationships with these businesses. They have tight schedules and deadlines, making efficient pickup and delivery a must. We are always able to get containers shipped out and picked up when our customers need them, ensuring that not a second is wasted when choosing our storage solutions.

Here is a list of common uses and applications we see on construction sites:

  • Jobsite Material
  • Building Supplies
  • Changing / Break Rooms
  • Temporary Office / Meeting Space
  • Construction Tools and Equipment
  • Site or Field Office


20' Residential ContainerHomeowners find our 10’ and 20’ Storage Containers very useful when choosing to remodel their home. Whether it’s for a small one room remodel or an entire home makeover our containers provide more than enough storage to keep your belongings safe. Our containers save you the hassle of hauling your possessions to an offsite facility while keeping them easily accessible to you, and not criminals.

Home remodels are not the only time we see our containers being used on residential sites. We have seen our containers being used for everything from storing a long term house guest’s belongings to using the container to store household furnishings and construction material as you recover from a natural disaster or fire. Sometimes we even just see customers renting a unit seasonally to empty out the garage so they can park the car inside during our harsh Upstate New York winters

Here is a list of uses and applications we find most common from our residential customers:

  • Storing Home Furnishings
  • Tool / Yard Shed
  • Vehicles and Equipment (Cars, Tractors, Lawn Mower, ATV)
  • Renovations/ Repairs Materials
  • Seasonal Supplies


Container Uuses 3Whether you’re renovating, waiting to build, suffering seasonal inventory overload, or just need some extra space, A-Verdi Storage Containers offers a solution to your space problem. Useful for storing everything from furnishings to extra inventory, our containers can be exactly what you need to keep your business looking organized and professional at even the most hectic times. Our storage units are perfect for adding a little extra warehouse space while our office containers make the perfect replacement break room while yours is being remodeled.

Below are some uses and application we find common from our commercial and industrial partners.

  • Document and Record Storage
  • Extra Inventory
  • Yard Maintenance Equipment
  • Warehouse on Wheels
  • Office Furniture or Shop Equipment
  • Finished Goods Ready to Ship
  • Renovations / Repairs


Container Uses 4Seasonal merchandise is a challenge for all retailers, big and small, to fit in their already crowded warehouses or storage areas. A-Verdi can help control you control this seasonal inventory more efficiently by providing an on-site storage container at your store location. Many small retailers choose to use our 10’ and 20’ containers at this time of year while larger retailers will choose our 40’ models for the extra space they need to get through the holiday season.

Here are some common uses and application for our containers that you are likely to see at a retail location:

  • Seasonal Inventory
  • Yard Maintenance Equipment
  • Raw Materials and Supplies
  • Document and Record Storage
  • Lay-Away Goods

Government / Education / Healthcare

Container Uses 5

A-Verdi Storage Containers are just the solution for archiving files and records, storing furnishing and equipment, protecting recreational and maintenance supplies and equipment. A-Verdi has worked closely with many schools & colleges in NY over the past 30 years to offer effective & affordable on-site storage at their facilities.

We understand the needs New York Schools that is why we are the 1st storage provider to meet all of the requirements of NYSED & offer a container specific for the schools. Healthcare & education construction & renovation projects are where A-Verdi storage & office solutions can provide the on-site space that makes the project go safely, efficiently and on budget.

Check out these common school uses and applications for our containers:

  • Document and Record Storage
  • Athletic and Band Equipment
  • Yard Maintenance Equipment
  • Renovations/Repairs
  • School Desk and Furniture
  • Office and Healthcare Equipment

Special Events

Container Uses 6

High quality office and storage space is a valuable asset for any festival or special event. A-Verdi supplies many special events and festival in the Upstate New York area with ground level office containers and storage units. We have worked with national golf events, local fairs, racetracks, concerts and festivals to help make their event a success. Often times these events happen out in the middle of a field or at a resort where storage space is difficult to come by, making our portable storage containers the best option for keeping their equipment and supplies safe throughout the festivities. Frequently our office containers are used as money rooms or ticket booths as our customers trust our quality and feel safe and secure in our units.

Here are the common uses and applications we see on special event sites all across New York:

  • Event Supplies
  • Concert Equipment
  • Band Changing Rooms
  • Communication Centers / Info Booths
  • Ticket Sales Booth
  • Meeting / Conference Rooms
  • Promotional Supplies Storage
  • Security Office

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