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A-Verdi Storage Containers delivers anywhere in the Binghamton area. Our local and friendly representatives are happy to help you find the right container to fit your needs. Our portable storage solutions come in many different styles and can be adapted for any jobsite. Whether you are looking for dock level storage, ground level storage, office containers, or any other storage needs, A-Verdi is here with a solution.

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Rochester, located on the southern shore of lake Ontario, is the third most populous city in New York.  Large companies such as Xeroc, Kodak, Western Union, and several other companies conduct extensive research and manufacturing of industrial and consumer products. Rochester is also home to well renowned universities, like University of Rochester, and Rochester Institute of Technology. If you are looking for a Storage container in the Rochester area, give A-Verdi Storage Containers a call, 1-800-248-3734.

A-Verdi Storage Containers Rochester

700 Trolley Blvd, Suite 2, Rochester, NY 14606

(585) 506-6526

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