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Commercial / Industrial Use

Whether you’re renovating, waiting to build, suffering seasonal inventory overload or just need extra space for furnishings, fixtures, equipment, packaging, supplies or files, A-Verdi Storage Containers offers commercial strength solutions to your storage problems near you.

Our ground level units add space next to a building or entry door at your facility, and our storage trailers provide expanded warehouse space instantly through a dock door. An office container can provide comfortable space for security & guard personnel, lunch room for employees, or a place for your engineers to read blueprints & view job or factory progress.

Extra Space For Your Seasonal Retail Inventory


Seasonal Merchandise challenges all retailers small or large, A-Verdi can help control your retail & storage space more efficiently by providing an on-site storage container at your store. Many small retailers & convenience stores use our 10′ or 20′ storage containers. While during peak holiday seasons our larger retail customers find our 40′ storage container very useful for Seasonal inventory challenges. During the summer months retailers use our containers to store landscaping equipment like weed eaters and lawn mowers.

Store Furnishings During Your Hotel/Restaurant Remodel

Restaurant and hotel renovations are a regular occurrence in the industry as these types of businesses have to invest to keep their place looking in top shape in order to compete. Remodels like this are a popular use for A-Verdi Storage units to store the new fixtures, furniture or merchandise while the remodel takes place, making the renovation process easier by having all the needed materials on-site & secure.

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Keep Professional During Onsite Construction

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Regardless of what type of business you operate, construction is inevitable as you fight to keep up with recent trends and technology. Keeping your business organized in these hectic times can be difficult. Commercial/ Industrial customers use our shipping containers to calm the clutter of a busy construction site, keeping their business looking professional and running smoothly throughout the project.

Make Use of our Office Space During a Remodel

A-Verdi ground level office containers offer the comfort and functionality of an office with the durability of a shipping container. Useful for everything from a temporary break room while yours is remodeled to a small guard shack for your security professionals, our containers come wired and fully functional with just a 220v hookup.

On-site Ground Level Office Space inside a ISO Container

Temporary Warehouse Space For Your Excess Inventory

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Whether its a shopping holiday, like Black Friday, or a store specific promotional event sometimes you need a little extra space at your factory or retail location. Warehouse space can be costly and hard to come by for any business. A-Verdi Storage Containers provide an affordable solution to your temporary inventory problems.

Compact Delivery Truck for Urban & Residential Locations

Both the 10′ and 20′ storage container or mobile office container will be delivered on our roll back truck. The A-Verdi tilt bed truck is a self-unloading process that requires no additional help or equipment from the customer. Our delivery specialist will back the storage unit to the spot that you want it placed; please see our ordering options below for door placement. At the time of delivery we require a minimum height clearance of 14’ and will need approximately 50′ of clear space in front of the unit.

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Security is Our Top Priority

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In addition to providing you the space you need, our construction shipping containers ensure the security of tools, materials and merchandise. Security is crucial to the efficiency of jobs, and that is why all our units are constructed of heavy 14 gauge steel, with lockable cam latched doors. Our storage container units are also available with a lock box shelter, which safeguards the padlock from intruders, for added security. You can rest assured when you rent an A-Verdi Storage Container your merchandise will be locked up safe, inaccessible by criminals and thieves.

Customize Your Unit to Match Your Brand

It’s no secret that one of the benefits of an A-Verdi Storage Container is its sturdy steel frame that makes it hold up to the worst of conditions, but this large sturdy space can be the home to your brand name or logo with a custom paint job. We can customize the outside of any unit we sell, for an additional fee, turning a simple storage container into an affordable branding option. We offer customization options on any long term lease or purchased units. Any color paint finish that your project might need is possible from black to hot pink we can supply a container to match your needs. Whether it is your company logo or school team name we have the capabilities to make & install high quality vinyl or digital lettering onto the container to make it serve two purposes for you.

Custom 20

We Move Containers Too!

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At A-Verdi we offer a relocation service for your on-site ground level office and storage containers. Whether you need your shipping container moved to the other side of your job site or across town we can help you get your unit exactly where you need it. We are flexible and are always looking to meet your needs and sometimes this means relocating your container. We understand that you can’t always know where the best placement location will be and we want you to be able to move your container and get the most out of it. The move process is just as simple as a delivery or pick up and is just one phone call away.

Keep a Clean and Professional Look

Our rental fleet of storage containers are routinely touched up to ensure that they look good on a job site. When you rent from A-Verdi you can expect a clean and dry container that is free of rust and any major flaws. Our shipping containers are painted a neutral gray color which fits in almost anywhere. They are perfect for commercial construction as your container will be highly visible on the job site and a clean and professional looking container reflects well on your business. For long term leases or purchases of our conex boxes we offer some customization options that can further enhance your containers curb appeal including side doors and over a dozen different colors.

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