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Our ground level office and storage container solutions are available in various sizes and capacities. This wide selection of units makes A-Verdi especially qualified to suit the individual needs of a diverse range of customers, from individuals to businesses and everything in between.

Options and Accessories

Our office and storage containers are available with a variety of options and accessories. This allows you to choose the most practical storage container for your needs, allowing for a smooth, efficient process when adding or removing items from your storage container.

Storage Containers

A-Verdi 40 ft Storage Container

Our Storage Container solutions are available in various sizes. This wide selection of storage containers makes A-Verdi especially qualified to suit the individual needs of a diverse range of customers, from individuals to businesses and everything in between. In addition to varied sizes, our storage containers are available with varied door options.

Office Containers


Our Ground Level Office Containers provide on-site office space for commercial, construction & industrial customers. Our temporary office units are made from a industrial strength steel ISO Shipping Container…we then add heating/cooling, lights, electrical wiring, and security features including our A-Verdi Lock Box Enclosure & welded metal bars on all windows.

Storage Trailers

Dock Level Storage Trailers For Rent or For Sale

Our Storage Trailers solve on-site storage needs for commercial, residential, construction, industrial, retail & educational customers. Our wide assortment of storage units and vast array of sizes makes getting an economical & effective storage solution for virtually any product or application very convenient


Storage Container with Custom Door - Roll Up Door

At A-Verdi, storage comes with an almost endless number of options. There are many accessories & modifications that we do to produce an effective solution for your storage needs. We work hard to provide our customer with the best possible solution that is ready to use once placed on-site.

Parts & Accessories

Bike Rack in 40

 Our parts and accessories add to your units convenience by tailoring it to your specific situation. Using our accessories take an already flexible space and makes it useful in a whole new set of situations. We help you keep organized and get the most out of your A-Verdi Storage Container.

Specialty Units

Specialty Unit, Customer Paint, Side Door

We build an array of units for specific applications or jobs. When your needs are something other than a standard unit, we’ll go that extra mile to solve your storage problem… and make your life easier. Every job has its unique requirements and we try to reflect this in our storage solutions.

Containers for Sale

Shipping Containers For Sale

Here at A-Verdi we offer a variety of storage and shipping containers for sale. Whether you’re looking for a used, reconditioned, or like-new storage container we carry them all. We sell standard 20′ and 40′ storage containers as well as many of our specialty models.

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