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Construction Use

Contractors use A-Verdi Storage Containers on construction sites for a safe, secure space to lock up tools & supplies for their jobs. The A-Verdi office/storage containers are a real advantage on a jobsite, providing you with sufficient storage space as well as an on-site, secure one unit office. A-Verdi has been proudly working with local New York Contractors for over 30 years and consistently provides superior service & quality storage containers.

Kick off Your Project with an Office Container

Image of a storage container at a construction site

Construction projects often need a base of operations and that is why our office containers are on-site well before work begins. Project manager find our mobile office units to be the perfect planning space throughout their long jobs. With large planning table, perfect for looking at blue prints, and a climate controlled atmosphere to keep you out of the elements, our containers bring a much needed quiet and comfortable work space to any job site. Along with provided a work space these containers are also used as a meeting room for employees on a construction site. If all this sounds great but you still need some storage space try our combo units that offer the comfort of an office container combined with the functionality of our classic storage units.

Containers For Your Specific Needs

Our variety of storage containers ensure you have the space you need without overcrowding. Home & retail contractors use our 20′ Storage units for short term renovations or commercial build outs. Electrical, mechanical & glass contractors use our A-Verdi 20′ or 40′ construction storage containers for material & tool storage on large educational & commercial construction jobs.

Image of a storage container at a construction site

Safety is Priority Number One

On-site Ground Level Office Space - 20

In addition to providing you the space you need, our construction shipping containers include safety features to ensure the security of tools and materials. Safety on the job is a top priority, and our ground level products provide safety-minded solutions for storage containers & office/storage combinations. Security is crucial to the efficiency of jobs, and that is why all our units are constructed of heavy 14 gauge steel, with lockable cam latched doors. Our storage container units are also available with a lock box shelter, which safeguards the padlock from intruders, for added security.

We Have Short or Long Term Leasing Options

If your construction site requires temporary storage, A-Verdi offers storage container rental. For a more permanent storage space, inquire about purchasing a unit over the phone. Our convenient storage solutions include storage container delivery service. We understand that construction jobs have a lot to account for. Our storage container delivery makes your job easier, bringing you hassle-free secure solutions and added space.

Image of a storage container at a construction site

If Space Is Tight On Your Jobsite, Try Stacking

Stacking Office and Storage Containers

Sometimes, especially in larger cities, their isn’t much extra space on your construction jobsite for ground level office and storage containers. Our sturdy steel containers can be stacked on top of each other to create more storage space on your jobsite without taking up any extra square footage. We offer stacking pins that allow users to lock their containers in place safely, ensuring that the containers are secure and won’t be knocked over. Stacking is not limited to our storage containers as we often see project manager create office blocks by stacking our ground level office containers on top of one another.

Take a Break in One of Our Office Containers

A-Verdi ground level office containers feature heating and electricity (when hooked up to a 220V power source) which make them the perfect place to set up a table and some chairs to make a break room on your construction site. With electrical outlets throughout our units you will be able to hook up a coffee pot, microwave, toaster, and whatever other break room staples you would like while still having free outlets to charge important work equipment like your phone or laptop. Our units are also heated and air conditioned, giving your employees a way to get out of the harsh weather conditions as they take their break.

Inside of an A-Verdi Portable Office Container

Our Weather Tight Containers Hold Up to New York Snow

Image of a storage container in the snow

Our ground level office and storage containers are weather tight. In New York this means holding up to all the sleet, hail, and snow mother nature has to offer. Our shipping containers are crafted from 14-gauge corrugated steel meaning that they are tough enough to survive hail the size of golf balls and can hold up hundreds of pounds of snow and ice. Our ISO containers also feature our very own cross ventilation system that ensure that no moisture enters the container through condensation, which can be a big problem during the spring and fall in New York as temperatures rise rapidly during the day and plummet at night. No matter what you choose to store in our storage containers, you can rest assured it will stay dry.

Delivered by Tractor Trailer or Rollback Truck

Both the 10′ and 20′ storage container or mobile office container can be delivered on our roll back truck. The A-Verdi tilt bed truck is a self-unloading process that requires no additional help or equipment from the customer. At the time of delivery we require a minimum height clearance of 14’ and will need approximately 50′ of clear space in front of the unit. A 40′ storage container or mobile office container will be delivered on a full-sized tractor trailer roll back. The A-Verdi tilt bed tractor trailer is a self-unloading process that requires no additional help or equipment from the customer. At the time of delivery we require a minimum height clearance of 14’ and will need approximately 80′ of clear space in front of the unit.

Image of an A-Verdi trailer

Keep a Clean and Professional Look On Any Job Site

Image of A-Verdi storage containers at a construction site

Our rental fleet of storage containers are routinely touched up to ensure that they look good on a job site. When you rent from A-Verdi you can expect a clean and dry container that is free of rust and any major flaws. Our shipping containers are painted a neutral gray color which fits in almost anywhere. They are perfect for commercial construction as your container will be highly visible on the job site and a clean and professional looking container reflects well on your construction business, not to mention the business owners appreciate it too. For long term leases or purchases of our conex boxes we offer some customization options that can further enhance your containers curb appeal including side doors and over a dozen different colors.

Trusted to Perform By Big Names in Upstate NY

Many well established businesses in upstate New York choose A-Verdi Storage Containers for their superior quality and functionality. Over the years we have provided containers to education juggernauts like Syracuse and Cornell University, local New York businesses that made it big, like Chobani and Beak & Skiff, national chains like Walmart and Targets, as well as home owners and contractors across the state. Our customers choose to lease our shipping containers for our top quality service, expertise in both containers and the local area, and our ability to work with customers, adapting to their needs as they arise. It is an honor for us to be chosen as the go to storage option for so many businesses across upstate New York.

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