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Dry Vans

Cartage Vans

A row of white A-Verdi storage trailers parked on a gravel lot under an overcast sky.

A-Verdi Cartage Vans are held to a high standard to meet the demands of over the road travel

Storage Trailers

Image of dry vans from A-Verdi

A-Verdi Storage Trailers provide flexible on-site space dock-level to expand your welcome.

Trailer Rental – Trailer Leasing

A-Verdi offers trailer rental and trailer leasing for either cartage or storage trailers. If you need flexible, onsite, dock-level storage, our storage trailers are a perfect fit. A-Verdi cartage trailers are kept to the high standard required for over road travel. Both options are available for renting and leasing at competitive prices. Take a look at more of our options on the website, or give us a call today 1-800-248-3734, our friendly local representatives are here to answer any questions and get you the trailer that best fits your needs.

Image of employees of A-Verdi
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