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Special Event Use

High quality office & storage space is valuable year round for many events in New York. A-Verdi supplies many special events & functions with high quality office containers & storage units. We have worked with many national golf events, local fairs, race tracks & events to help make their event a success. The highest quality products & prompt delivery service combined with our People is why we have established long term relationships with many events. Our wide assortment of storage units and vast array of sizes makes getting an economical & effective storage solution for virtually any size event very convenient.

Mobile Office At Any Festival or Special Events

Our ground level office containers bring the comfort and functionality of your office to wherever you need it. Often times, when you rent a venue for your special event, little to no office space is provided. Our containers offer a clean and professional work space perfect for meeting with employees and managing the event. In addition to being a functional work space our units are durable and secure making them a safe place to store money and important medical equipment during the event.


Our Ticket Booth Units Are Great At the Front Gate

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Event organizers have found our specialty ticket booth containers to be especially useful. The convenience and mobility of these units allow for a sleek and professional ticket booth exactly where you need it. Our units feature heating and air conditioning, keeping your workers comfortable and efficient in any weather conditions. A-Verdi ticket booths are spacious and offer ample room for employees to move and work. Other customers have chosen to turn our ground level office containers into a ticket booth by selling through the window. This option can be just as effective and allows for smaller units when you can’t fit the 40′ ticket booth on-site.

Store Your Promotional Giveaways Out of Sight

A-Verdi Storage Containers offer a flexible storage space for you to store you supplies and promotional giveaways for your special event. Whether it’s bobble heads at a baseball game or water bottles at a concert, our containers can keep your giveaways close by for when you need them. We offer you the option to have your shipping container equipped with a lock box shelter, protecting your padlock and adding an extra level of security to your unit.


A Convenient and Affordable Backstage Dressing Room

Office Container being used as a dressing room for a concert

If you have a show or concert at your event, chances are that the “special guests” will need a place where they can go to change before or after performances. Their accommodations can make or break their opinion of the event so providing them with a mobile office unit, that will give them an exceptional experience, just might bring them back again! Our 10′ or 20′ models can accommodate one to two people while our 40′ unit can be outfitted to accommodate a whole band or entertainment group.

Make Sure Your Medical Field Office Is Close By

You aren’t counting on a situation that requires medical attention during your event but being prepared is a must. A-Verdi Office Containers can provide a number of options to benefit your medical staff during the event. Whether it’s a case of dehydration or a scraped knee from a fall, you can be confident that staff and attendees will be comfortable while they are treated. Our 40′ ground level office container has the option of giving you all the space you will need while keeping a clean and professional appearance. With plenty of outlets and lights, your medical staff will not be obstructed while having to work in a mobile office space and in turn, keep the event flowing smoothly when things happen.

Ground Level Office Container Used As First Aid Station at Special Event

Need More Space for Your Display Booth?

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Our 10′ and 20′ storage containers are a huge storage solution for many vendors at large fairs or festivals. Even vendors at some of the most crowded fairs in Upstate New York, like the Great New York State Fair, use our containers as a way to store a lot of stuff in a small place. You can stack your merchandise or promotional items all the way to the top of the container, getting about 1100 cubic feet of storage while only taking up 160 square feet of space. If your items aren’t stack-able you can try one of our many shelving unit accessories. Our shipping containers are easily tucked away behind you tent or building keeping everything in a accessible location and deterring thieves.

Keep Your Important Belongings Safe In A Crowd

Whether it’s money from tickets sales, merchandise from you trade booth, equipment for a concert or promotional giveaways for your event our storage and office containers can be the best solution for keeping whatever you need to store safe during your crowded event. As hundreds or thousands of people wander around your festival it becomes hard to keep an eye on all your stuff, especially if its just in totes or boxes behind your booth. We offer a portable lockable option to store these types of goods, keeping thieves from getting their hands on your valuables. If you have worries that your lock will be cut or tampered with, we also offer a steel lock box enclosure that protects the padlock from harm.

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Create A Comfortable Break Room For Employees

office container

A-Verdi ground level office containers feature heating and electricity (when hooked up to a 220V power source) which make them the perfect place to set up a table and some chairs to make a break room on your construction site. With electrical outlets throughout our units you will be able to hook up a coffee pot, microwave, toaster, and whatever other break room staples you would like while still having free outlets to charge important work equipment like your phone or laptop. Our units are also heated and air conditioned, giving your employees a way to get out of the harsh weather conditions as they take their break.

Compact Delivery For Tight Spaces

Both the 10′ and 20′ storage container or mobile office container will be delivered on our roll back truck. This truck is perfect for when space is tight at a special event. The A-Verdi tilt bed truck is a self-unloading process that requires no additional help or equipment from the customer. Our delivery specialist will back the storage unit to the spot that you want it placed; please see our ordering options below for door placement. At the time of delivery we require a minimum height clearance of 14’ and will need approximately 50′ of clear space in front of the unit.

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Quick Pick Up and Delivery For Your Busy Schedule

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A-Verdi hires and trains our delivery specialist to be the best in the industry. Our delivery staff has a combined experience of over 70 years serving customers in New York. You can be confident knowing that all of our deliveries and pickups are performed by A-Verdi team members using company-owned equipment and trucks everyday. We can work in small delivery windows, when given proper notice, having your container on-site and off-site exactly when you need it. We call an hour ahead of our delivery so you have time to get on site a prepare without waiting around all day for us to arrive. If you need to keep to a tight schedule for your special event, A-Verdi is the way to go.

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