Laguardia is Now Part of the A-Verdi Family

Since 1976 LaGuardia Enterprises Inc has been a top provider of Trailers and Containers. For more than 30 years LaGuardia Enterprises serviced the Northeastern US. Specializing in the sale and leasing of standard and refrigerated shipping containers. Their customer base consisted of private individuals, retail stores, private contractors, commercial and governmental agencies and stores as well as a variety of wholesalers. They provided the rental of many specialty sea containers and custom modifications and container accessories.

Container inventory consists of portable steel and refrigerated ground level containers in sizes ranging from 10’ – 53’. These containers are extremely rugged and will last for several generations with very little maintenance. They are designed to be heavily loaded with products for overseas and domestic shipping anywhere in the world.

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In the beginning they started with a small building in the Rotterdam Industrial Park but as the years went by they grew into a larger facility and moved into the Northeast Industrial Park, Guilderland NY.

Later Brian and his wife were looking at spending the best years together and a little more relaxed, so they turned to another local family owned business to take over their customers. Today A-Verdi is proud to continue providing the same high quality and standards that the LaGuardia family started years ago.

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